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Lilly R.

October 12, 2020 on Anthony Zender: “Secret Space Force Ep 3: Missions, #SAVETHECHILDREN, Trump, Arrests”

“Incredible content! Thanks for not censoring any details, simply raw.”

E. Barata

My experience with Conscious Vitality has been incredible. The team is so friendly and they truly care about their client’s health and wellbeing. Such a great community to be a part of, always happy to help and answer any questions. Also, always trying to move forward and increase and share their knowledge. I am inspired by the content on their live shows and find them so interesting. I am also a member of Gaia but love how Conscious Vitality has new interviews weekly and there is an opportunity to be interactive and ask questions. I am loving the Mastering Manifestation course and look forward to seeing where this company expands to next on their exciting journey of discovery.

Dr. R. Beery

I would say what impresses me the most about this team with Erai and Kyleighy is their sincere dedication to unraveling the truth no matter where it leads. They are beautiful souls who certainly have an elevated level of consciousness and awareness. They bring on some of the most interesting guests that keep you riveted. There are very few sites I would say that have this level of integrity and honesty which is why I am staying with them. They have bent over backwards for me when it comes to customer service and some difficulty with funds periodically. I can not say enough about Conscious Vitality but do yourself a favor and join them and you will begin to understand why I give them such a high recommendation. My time is pulled in many directions so it is doubly important for me to obtain information that is up to date and can not be easily obtained elsewhere. 

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